Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Room 8 Speeches

Room 8 have been studying Movie Magic. Part of making movies, is speaking clearly. We put this into practice by planning, crafting, practicing and presenting speeches. The topics we chose, were topics that would influence the thinking of others. We hope you enjoy!

Speech Reflection

How did you feel about presenting your speech to the class?
I felt nervous and a bit shaky but when people said good things about me I felt a bit confident.

What was the hardest part about preparing a speech?  

The hardest part was when I had to get it all in one speech and try and to write it in paragraphs.

What did you enjoy most about speeches? 
 Was when I had to read it to the class.

How could you improve your speech making next time?  By using more than one website to get more interesting facts.

Shade in the squares to give your speech a rating out of TEN:

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