Monday, 26 November 2012

Pictograph-Room 8 Favourite Sport

Here is a pictograph about room 8 favourite sport.

Column Graph-Room 8 Favourite Sport

Here is a column graph about Room 8 favourite sport.

Tally chart-Room 8 Favourite Sport

Here is my chart about favourite sport.Only 1 person voted for netball,10 people voted for rugby,1 voted for hockey,1 voted for tennis,1voted for touch,1 voted for volleyball,1voted for soccer.6 voted for rugby leage and 1 voted for basketball. Everyone in room 8 voted for what sport was the best.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Rhythm's New Zealand Power Source

New Zealand Power Sources

In New Zealand most of our electricity is generated of hydro electric power stations.New Zealand  one quarter of our electricity is generated from non-renewable energy source that is not sustainable in New Zealand three quarters of our electricity is produced using renewable energy sources.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Room8 Begin learning about statistic

Room 8 are beginning about statistics.We were introduced by he "data detectives"today and made our way quickly around the cycle.We used google spreadsheets to collect,record and display data.Check it Out!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Robot Lila

It's huge cute eyes hypmotise bad people. Her long thin arms stretch until they stop. Electricity fllows through her head as she stands there. Chocolate pours out of her stomach as you press the button. 

My wordle About Climate change

Guy Fawkes Description

Guy Fawkes

As the moon kisses goodbye to the sun, I could see a tsunami of fireworks forming a colourful rainbow in the sky. Seeing smiles on my families faces makes my face smile with happiness.
Pew,Pew a crackling sound my ears was listening to excitements. I could taste the ash's from the smoke also surrounding my nose, making me dizzy.

I could hear sizzling in my ears when the fireworks were lit and set off to fly and explode in the air, Wow! Is what I mostly hear from people's mouths saying how beautiful the fireworks bloom in the sky. The sky doesn't look like a dark plain sky with a bit of sparkle shining up there, tonight was the night where the sky got a new beautiful make over that we will never forget, It may come only once a year but the joy that is within Guy Fawkes is a memory that we will never forget.