Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Net book Reflection-2012

Netbook Reflection

I just completed my first year with a netbook.This is my 2012 reflection.I am a year 6.I always wanted a netbook and learn new stuff with my cool awesome netbook.

The positives I experienced this year include Sharing my work to the whole wide world with my  blog.I love my blog because what I post on their the whole wide world can see my ideas and my work that I have been doing and it is really fun.I know how to do shortcuts like ctrl C,ctrl C means copy and ctrl V means paste.Its is really fun learning new things about netbooks.

Some negatives that occurred this year were the connection from the wireless it  always go slow but that is because they are watching videos on youtube or the wireless isn’t on.Sometimes we had to reimage our netbook because there was always a problem with it.

It was really interesting that creating and making cool stuff on our netbooks like tux paint I love painting but I haven’t tried it in a netbook it was really cool to learn new things.I can’t wait till next year with my netbook It is going to be a cool journey.

Taekwondo Movie

Wow I can't believe I broke a board it was awesome.Check it out.