Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Jennifer's- Integrity

Jennifer's Beach Poem

Its a very hot day,
I'm cooling off at Mission Bay,
I am so jealous of the sea,
I like to cool off at the beach,yo! that me!

I hate to get too tanned,
ewww yuck that food tastes bland,
feeling the breeze cooling me down,
My frown is the other way around,

Sunbathing under the shady tree,
People having fun that is what I like to see,
I can smell the fresh air of the beach,
The sand was slowly sinking onto my feet,

As the sun slowly rises down,
I calmly listen to the ocean sound,
The beach is the best,
because its the only place to relax and rest.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Jennifer's Inquiry Venn Diagram

My spelling Term 3 Week 2

This is my spelling this week. My spelling is all about syllabification and how you can pronounce it properly by using syllabification.

My Holiday

Holiday  Description

My holiday started with another day of school, practising for white Sunday, working hard to improve my natural talent.

I can hear the drums being tapped  with drum sticks, when the drumsticks have been tapped on the drums they make a great beat. My ears suddenly move to my dads electrifying guitar, playing the guitar to the drumming beat making a very cool rhythm. My cousin beat-boxing in sync making the rhythm come to life, my brother soothing in with his very amazing voice forming a very cool family band.

I can smell mum’s special Lasagne freshly been taken out of the ovens, My cousin running down the hill  with his sweating smelly  body odour destroying all the fresh air, coming from the workout at the gym, his natural talents was his good looks but he can’t beat my cuteness. My nose slowly drifted me into a cloud of heaven with mums home-made gravy and her home-made fried spicy chicken ( YUM!!! ) my favourite.

As the food slightly drifted on to the picnic blanket I laid outside my mum put down heavenly joy to my eyes. I can see mountain dew drink, Tartar potato salad with a bit of sour cream sauce beside it. My mouth dribbled when I laid eyes on the chicken next to me, after we had finish rehearsal my family can smell the beautiful scent of food and in a few second they immediately found their way threw the food. It was the most greatest lunch that I had all year.

I can taste the spiciness of the chicken tingling down my throat, the mussel chowder powering taking over all the other flavours in my mouth. I can taste the chicken kebab sizzling inside my mouth turning my face into a hot steaming sun.

I felt excitement exploding inside me as I saw desert coming. The coldness of the ice-cream gave me goosebumps, The rich flavours from the mud cake made my stomach rumble for more. Lying down the green grass, I felt pain lighting up in my stomach feeling so lazy not wanting to do anything that doesn't involve moving.  

I lay down closing my eyes

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Koro's Acrostic poem

Koro we will miss you because you are a special person in our school. 
You clean our school the tamaki style.
We are going to miss you with all our heart because you are our 
coolest koro in tamaki primary.
We love you with all our heart.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Jennifer's Emotions


What are two reasons why having feelings is important?It is important to have feeling because what you feel is what you express to others and the reactions you will have when you feeling very emotional.

How can knowing more about your feelings help you on your journey through the teenage years? It helps you on expressing your feeling in your learning and it also tells you what you think of all the subject and what do you really like or hate so the teacher can make it more fun for you to enjoy.

Jennifer's Emotions

These are the types of emotions that I feel.