Monday, 25 February 2013

My whare tapawha

My whare tapawha is all about my family and what I do at home.We learnt the taha tinana witch means what I am trying to improve in my health and what changes I could do with my body. Taha hinengano means how you feel and what your family feels about you.Taha wairua means What faith I believe in and taha whanau means my family who am i close to and who supports me the most.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Interview with mark Lowndes

On Wednesday the 13 of February, we were lucky enough to meet Mark Lowndes.He is famous  for his appearance in Australia’s got talent. Miss Aireen organised our interview, which we did online using google chat. I learnt that Mark lowndes’ favourite colour is green, black and yellow. When Mark Lowndes was 6 or 7 he had to choose between his parents it was pretty tough for him to choose between them.His whole family sings  and he was the only one that didn’t know how to sing so his mum taught him. After that he sang a song for us his song was when he was in the pacific islands.He left a key message which is always be confident and follow your dreams. I felt amazed when we got to meet him he has a very good voice.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Samoan language introduction

talofa lava  le vasega-hello classo a’u  o Jennifer fa’amita-my name is Jennifer faamita
Ou te nofo I tripoli Rd Panmure-I live in Tripoli rd Panmure
Ou te alu i le aoga o tamaki primary school-My school is Tamaki primary school
Vasega 8 ou te i ai-My class is room 8
ou te fiafia e alu i le aoga-I like to go to school
Ou te fiafia e tautala fa’asamoa-I like speaking

My Metaphor Poem About My Mum.

My mum is a red rose brightening the room.Sometimes she is a roaring lion who always roars at us to clean our room.We are her slaves, who massage her legs while she lets her king decide what to eat today.Mum is cool because she gives her slaves a treat for our hard work every day.I love my mum - not because she is super but because she is in my heart.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Jennifer's Rainbow poem

After water drop from the sky zooming out is a beautiful rainbow.
A paint of colour shining across the sky brightens my day.
A curved rainbow is a shape I will never forget.
At the end of the of the rainbow is a pot of gold and treasure.
But this isn't the end of a beautiful rainbow