Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Net book Reflection-2012

Netbook Reflection

I just completed my first year with a netbook.This is my 2012 reflection.I am a year 6.I always wanted a netbook and learn new stuff with my cool awesome netbook.

The positives I experienced this year include Sharing my work to the whole wide world with my  blog.I love my blog because what I post on their the whole wide world can see my ideas and my work that I have been doing and it is really fun.I know how to do shortcuts like ctrl C,ctrl C means copy and ctrl V means paste.Its is really fun learning new things about netbooks.

Some negatives that occurred this year were the connection from the wireless it  always go slow but that is because they are watching videos on youtube or the wireless isn’t on.Sometimes we had to reimage our netbook because there was always a problem with it.

It was really interesting that creating and making cool stuff on our netbooks like tux paint I love painting but I haven’t tried it in a netbook it was really cool to learn new things.I can’t wait till next year with my netbook It is going to be a cool journey.

Taekwondo Movie

Wow I can't believe I broke a board it was awesome.Check it out.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Pictograph-Room 8 Favourite Sport

Here is a pictograph about room 8 favourite sport.

Column Graph-Room 8 Favourite Sport

Here is a column graph about Room 8 favourite sport.

Tally chart-Room 8 Favourite Sport

Here is my chart about favourite sport.Only 1 person voted for netball,10 people voted for rugby,1 voted for hockey,1 voted for tennis,1voted for touch,1 voted for volleyball,1voted for soccer.6 voted for rugby leage and 1 voted for basketball. Everyone in room 8 voted for what sport was the best.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Rhythm's New Zealand Power Source

New Zealand Power Sources

In New Zealand most of our electricity is generated of hydro electric power stations.New Zealand  one quarter of our electricity is generated from non-renewable energy source that is not sustainable in New Zealand three quarters of our electricity is produced using renewable energy sources.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Room8 Begin learning about statistic

Room 8 are beginning about statistics.We were introduced by he "data detectives"today and made our way quickly around the cycle.We used google spreadsheets to collect,record and display data.Check it Out!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Robot Lila

It's huge cute eyes hypmotise bad people. Her long thin arms stretch until they stop. Electricity fllows through her head as she stands there. Chocolate pours out of her stomach as you press the button. 

My wordle About Climate change

Guy Fawkes Description

Guy Fawkes

As the moon kisses goodbye to the sun, I could see a tsunami of fireworks forming a colourful rainbow in the sky. Seeing smiles on my families faces makes my face smile with happiness.
Pew,Pew a crackling sound my ears was listening to excitements. I could taste the ash's from the smoke also surrounding my nose, making me dizzy.

I could hear sizzling in my ears when the fireworks were lit and set off to fly and explode in the air, Wow! Is what I mostly hear from people's mouths saying how beautiful the fireworks bloom in the sky. The sky doesn't look like a dark plain sky with a bit of sparkle shining up there, tonight was the night where the sky got a new beautiful make over that we will never forget, It may come only once a year but the joy that is within Guy Fawkes is a memory that we will never forget.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Jennifer Teaching Amelia How To Use netbook

Amelia's learning about how to use a net book!

I have learned to type letter  and I  have learned short cut like control T and control W.It was fun and I wish I had a net book.

Jennifer and Hineuwera's video about what we have learnt about energy!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Team Work

 We tangled ourselves and then we try to untangle ourselves without let go of your partners hand or teams hand.It was great helping each other.

We tried to untangle ourselves and it was so fun and I really enjoyed it.I loved playing with my class mate.After we finish playing with our group we had to play boy verses girl and it was really hard I struggled a lot of time.

We finally got ourselves untangled without letting our partner.What I am going to do next time we play is to try not  to let go of my partner's hand.It was a great game and exsersize fitness.We promised each other that we would never give up even if it was difficult.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Jennifer's Word Web for Week 1 Term 4

My Poem Video

Under the sea 
There are forests of seaweed and deserts of sand.There are valleys and mountains,just as on land.The forests are dark,the sand is piled high,and the fish dart over like birds in the sky.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

NZ Shake Out Day

Today was New Zealand national shake out day.At 9:26 there was an earthquake drill.I was at my desk,so I dropped,Covered and Held to stay safe.One thing we did well at T.P.S was that I dropped cover and hold straight away.One thing I want to work on next time is to leave everything. Remember,in the event of an earthquake drop cover hold.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Nga Mihi

My Mihi

Ko Jennifer  Toku ingoa
Ko Taia toku papa
Ko litia toku mama

E 4 nga tamriki kei roto I taku whanau
Ko Tamaki Primary toku kura
Ko Kyla Hansel toku kaiako
Ko mount Wellington toku maunga 
Ko Tamaki estuary toku awa

No reira tena koutou,tena koutou,tena koutou  katoa.


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Blog Comment

This is my Presentation about Blog commenting.

The Kete Group

This is the Kete.I have learnt that if you step on the flax you will have bad luck.The flax represent the baby child the grand parent and the parent.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sign Language

This is my name it is 'Jennifer' it is in sign language.


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

15 Question About Question

1. What can be used for soars?
2. What is the maori name for medicine?
3. What kind of medicines can heal stuff?
4.what sorts of medicine can heal bruises?
5.What is the traditional maori medicine called?
6.What kind of medicine do you know or have?
7.What is produced as a maori medicine?
8. What is traditional maori medicine?
9.What is the Maori word for using native plants for medicine?
10.What can we use to produce something to help people with their sickness?
11. What maori plants
12.What can we use to heal our sickness?

Rongoa Stuff

This is my wordle about what I have learnt about rongoa plant.

Friday, 31 August 2012

Koro's Description

Koro you are the most amazing person that I ever met, you always do our school proud by making our school clean and green you will always be a part of our school no matter what happens to us.

Koro you always make our school clean because you like helping our school. You really love listening to our Kapa Haka group. Koro has been the coolest, most awesome Koro that we had in our loving family.  Koro has a big heart.

He has been picking up our rubbish that we have been throwing on the ground.He is a wise man but he is always there to help - that is why Koro is so amazing.  He always thinks about others more than himself.

Koro always helps us when we need help. He is always there and he always appreciates what he is given. If he has to do something he will do it straight away.

Koro likes helping other people because that is what he loves doing, and he loves watching kids do Kapa Haka because he likes hearing kids sing.What he loves the most is being in Tamaki Primary because he is really special to our school.  He is part of our family. Koro doesn’t like cleaning after us because we have to do other important stuff.

Koro always says Kia ora and he always say “OOH YOU KIDS ARE BEAUTIFUL!” When he comes to Kapa Haka.  

We love Koro because he is a part of our Whanau and he has a really open heart.

By Jennifer and Hineuwera

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

My Popplet about Sustainability

This Is Our Plant Daisy

This is Daisy our plant she had died and she was really  great plant.

Jennifer's Observation

Here is a link to an example of an observation report.  You can use this example to guide your writing.  

Try to use as much science vocabulary that you can.  E.g. instead of saying ‘sucked up the water’ you could say ‘absorbed the water through the stem’
WALT write an observation report

The first paragraph should introduce what you are going to inform the audience about.  

e.g. This term we have been learning about plants...
This term we have been learning about plants,science experiments and investigating about how the plant is going to grow.Our group is the plant group we are called as the group 4.What happened was that daisy  was  the one we put in the  sunlight it wasn’t even blooming into a beautiful plant But one leaf of the plant fell of like a bird has died  but  Dandelion  was the  one under the box it was growing gorgeously like it was suppose too.

Tell your audience exactly what you did and how you did it.  You might use commas to list your actions.

You might use words like:  when, then, after that...
Dandelion was growing faster than Daisy.Dandelion was  having lots of shade and it was was growing like fire  Dandelion is stronger than ever.Daisy is dying because she doesn’t have enough shade.

Tell your audience what you noticed.  What were the changes?  Why do you think those changes happened?  What were some problems?

You might use words like: on the first day, noticed, observed, changed...
Unfortunately Daisy and Dandelion  had died and now we can’t help daisy and fix her because she is dead and we don’t know what to do to help Daisy and Dandelion

Tell your audience what you learned from the experiment.  What were the key things that you found out.  Tell your audience how you felt at the end of your experiment.

You might use words like:  I discovered, I realised, I learned that...

I learnt that sometimes plants and flowers can die from when they don’t have enough sunlight or enough shade.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Thinkers Key A-Z

Dragon fruit
Honey dew melon
Ita palm
Yali pears

My Popplet about Kawakawa

This is my Popplet about Kawakawa and what I have learned about it.

Kawakawa Term 3 Week 6

This is my slide show about Kawakawa and what it produce. 

Friday, 17 August 2012

Jennifer's Plants Presentation

Snow Leopards

The Pohutakawa Tree

One beautiful sunny day there was a little girl named Serena.  She and her family had just moved into a lovely house.When her mum and dad were unpacking their stuff, she saw something shining on her face. She couldn’t see anything,it was too bright.She went closer and closer then  she stopped at one lovely big tree with blooming flowers on it.She hadn’t seen a tree so beautiful and spectacular.There was something special about it.It was something that she saw in her self.

She went home and told her mum and dad about the  special tree that she saw.But when she got there she could smell macaroni and cheese.She felt a little pain  in her tummy.She said “ I am so hungry.When she stepped in she could smell the steam coming from the oven.She rubbed her tummy as she stepped in.When she got to the dinner table,she told her mum and dad all about the tree.She told  them that the tree reminded me of someone.Then she went and showed her mum and dad about the tree.”See “,she said it.I looks like someone I know.”

Her mum said,”That used to be grandma’s special tree.She always came here to relax.”When we moved grandma put a little picture of her on the trunk of the tree.The next morning,Serena woke up and ate her breakfast and then she went to visit the tree when she got there, these three men were trying to cut down the tree.Then she told them that the tree  was special because that tree was my grandma if you cut it down I will lose all the memory I had with my grandma and it is very important to me.

So please don’t cut it down it is very precious.Haven’t you notice one of the man said this tree was planted years ago so we have to cut it down.What is the name of the tree Serena said the name of the tree is the Pohutukawa tree it is very old and we need to cut it down.

Basic Facts

This is my timetable for this week.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Day One Of Observation

This is Daisy and  Dandelion the top one is Daisy and the second and last one is Dandelion

Science Experience

Day 2.What happened was that the one we put in the sunlight was already growing and the one we put under the box it wasn’t growing one bit but the plant that was in the sun was growing faster because the sun is giving the plant lots of energy for photosynthesis absorbed by chlorophyll in the leaves.

Plant Experience

Day 3.The one that was under the box was growing faster than the one that was on the sun because The one that was under the box was having lots of shade and it was was growing faster than the one that in the sun.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Science Investigation Sheet

WALT carry out a scientific investigation

Group Members:
Title:The plant group
Reason for Investigation:we are investigating so we could have more experience with plants
Hypothesis:My hypothesis is that if you put the plant under a box it will not grow
Materials needed:
food scrap
Method/Procedure (What we are going to do - step by step)
we are going to put them in a cup
then we had to put the plant in the cup
after you have finished you have to put little bit of water in the plant so it the plant would not drown
Then you have to put the plant in the sunlight
Then you are finished

Observations (What happened?  What changed?  How?):
what happened was that the one we put in the sunlight was already growing and the one we put under the box it wasn’t growing one bit but the plant that was in the sun was growing faster because the sun is giving the plant lots of energy for photosynthesis absorbed by chlorophyll in the leaves.
Conclusions (What were the findings?):
Reflection (Was your hypothesis right or wrong?  What future questions do you have?):well my hypothesis might be wrong but i think i might be right

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Jelly Bean Geometry

My 3D shape has eight corner and six faces and twelve edges.Who am I?