Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Term 2 Week 4 Spelling Word

Term 2 week 4 spelling word

What is hiding inside
narrative,at, rat, tan, it,vet,vent and rate.
orientation,  rent, rat, ate, on and in .
complication,  compact, cat, pat and cop.
solution,  lot, on, soul, on, lion, and not.
reaction,  act, cat, eat, on, not and ate.
listen,  it, lit, sit, ten, set and let.
attend, at, ten, end, ate, net and tan.
carbon, car, ban, ran, can and cab.
dioxide, did and die.
fuse,fes and sue.
density,ned, sit, ten, nit, ten, net and set.
gas and as.

Against the clock



Monday, 27 May 2013

What makes a good listener


Word web (strong)

This is a popplet about our word web of the week.The word of the week is strong.I hope these words are helpful for you to use.We are doing word web so we don't have to repeat the same word again and again.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Studdyladder game

This game is about fraction,the box that is shaded you have to count how many the boxes are shaded and the count have many boxes are all together and then you press what the fractions number is it.

Word Web:Observe

This week my reading group were doing word web,where we write down another word for observe and we have to right a list of them we do this so we could write another word instead of using the same one all over again.

My netbook reflection

On monday we got to take our netbook home and it was really exciting when I came home I straight away took of my bag take out my netbook and start playing on it.My brothers asked me if they want to play on my netbook but I didn't want them too because they might reck my netbook plus no one is suppose to play on my netbook it is for me to use and work on.The thing that went wrong is my internet,it wasn't working because I had no idea what was my wireless password so I just did my work offline and have a little break.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Melvin make a match game

We had to play a fractions game and this game was about matching fractions symbol with fractions numbers.The game was really easy at start but it gets harder and harder it means that Melvin wants to test you at your fractions skills.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

verb actvity

past tense
  • painted
  • danced
  • laughed
  • rained
  • visited
  • clean

Present tense

  • ask
  • learn
  • need
  • stamp
  • stay
  • wash

Task One
Copy these sentences. Underline the verbs and write down whether the sentence is in the present tense or past tense.
E.g. Mark is finishing his dinner. (Present)
  1. Duane is helping his friend make a plane.(present)
  2. Kirsty read a really good comic yesterday.(present)
  3. Adam is sitting outside in the garden.(present)
  4. Whilst on holiday, I visited London.(past)
  5. The lion roared loudly.(past)
  6. Debbie smiled at Craig in the playground.(past)
  7. Yesterday, Sam jumped over his Dad's fence.(past)
  8. Sue is cooking an apple crumble.(present)
Task Two

These sentences are all in the present tense. Rewrite each sentence in your books, changing the verb into the past tense.
  1. The children (climbed) the big, oak tree.
  2. Conor (sucked) on his dummy.
  3. Shane and Kim (played) in the street.
  4. I (wrote) a story about a yellow dragon.
  5. The dog (chased) Alex down the path.
Task Three
The word 'will' often shows that the sentence is written in the future tense. Copy each sentence and write another sentence in the future tense.
E.g. Today I am playing cricket. (Present)
Tomorrow I will play cricket. (Future)
  1. Today I will planting flowers in the garden.
  2. Today Gary will do a maths test in class.
  3. I will go to school today.
  4. He will wash his hands in the sink.
Task Four
Copy each sentence and write another in the past tense.
E.g. Tomorrow I will sing a solo. (Future)
Yesterday I sang a solo. (Past)

The children climbed the big, oak tree.
the were climbing the oak tree.
Conor sucked on his dummy.
Conor is sucking his thumb.
Shane and Kim played in the street.
shane and kim were playing in the street.
I wrote a story about a yellow dragon.
I am writing a story about a yellow dragon

Instruction for searching images

!!!saving energy movie!!!

Saving Energy from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Current Event

Word Web (beautiful)

Monday, 13 May 2013

Writing Week 2 Term 2

This week we are focusing on procedural writing.We are beginning the literacy cycle with planning.This is our group brainstorm ideas to write a procedural text for our audience is year 4-year 6 classes come back to see my final piece of writing.

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Learning pathway

This is our learning pathway and we chose 4 learning pathway to help us with our reading.
W.A.L.T: use grammatically correct structure.
W.A.L.T:use knowledge of semantic,syntactic and visual grapho phonic cues.
W.A.L.T:respond using understanding an information.
W.A.L.T:use knowledge of vocabulary

Monday, 6 May 2013

Fraction game

We are learning about fractions and we had to play fraction games.My score for this game is 8 but next time I could achieve more in this game.