Friday, 23 August 2013

Jennifer's Hunger Game Discription

Jennifer’s Hunger Games Description

I start to shiver with horror, as I look around for weapons and safe place to stay. The cornucopia shining so brightly trying to drag me in to get some weapons and food, I try to stay strong.

I can hear the trees swaying to a rhythm and leaves being crushed to the ground by people’s steps. People throwing thin, straight, sharp sticks through the air like a knife slicing through a body, hearing people’s blood dripping to the ground forming a red puddle.

I can feel the death of people surrounding me telling me to join them. I can smell the fresh fruit and delicious rabbit calling me to come into the cornucopia and grab them, I felt weak and was unable to grab anything.

I walked around the woods to find a good tree to put my sleeping bag in. I had to believe I was going to survive, when I saw a beautiful tree with purple roses hanging on the branches. Around me, were the brown rotten bushes - dead, because of the fresh blood of those who had been killed.

Laying down I could hear a funny noise coming from my stomach, it was rumbling and grumbling - starving to death. Checking my bag if there was any food. I came across a rabbit that I left in my bag for a snack. Looking around seeing people suffer to stay alive, I was scared to die.

I snuggled up in my warm sleeping bag, I can see light coming from the trees near me. It was a fire that someone had lit up. It was so bright, like fireworks exploding through the air, magically forming a shape.  It was spreading around. I could feel a vibration coming, it was the hot steaming air from the fire.

I didn't want to watch any more. My eyes were burning from the steam spreading around.

Looking at the fire, it made me thirsty.  My lips were dry - full of air but no moisture. I closed my eyes and let myself imagine I was drinking a cold drink and let myself flow into a dream.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Symmetry pattern

 Today I had to create and describe a geometrical pattern. This is the shape I created using folding symmetry. 

I can see that my shape has 2 lines of symmetry.

To create my pattern, I folded my paper 1 time, cut out the designs and unfolded it again. This is a fun and easy geometry activity that really got us thinking!

Friday, 9 August 2013

The new costume that Cinna design

This costume is made for Katniss to wear during the opening ceremony of The Hunger Games.  He wanted her to wear something that other people would notice, so that they would remember her.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Jennifer's choice and consequence bubble map-Smart foot

This is our bubble map about smart foot  we are writing what will happen if we put a picture of me wearing a school uniform poking finger's and posting it on facebook.

Me and Hineuwera's Map of Panama

This is an image of the map that we created for a novel study hunger games.It is a map of 12 district that is happening in the hunger games.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

6 Hats Reading and Writing

Media studies

This is my media studies popplet for technology group.I hope I can achieve my goals of keeping the camera still.