Monday, 11 November 2013

My song about peace

  1. Don’t let go
  2. hopeful
  3. smile
  4. three little bird
  5. let it be
  6. bottle scar
  7. amazing grace
  8. you rise up
  9. we are the world
  10. justice of peace
  11. just stand up
  12. somewhere over a rainbow
  13. man in the mirror
  14. get along
  15. faithful
  16. never say never
  17. deep peace
  18. where is the love
  19. pricetag
  20. no woman no cry

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Spelling term 4 - week

Class List

Against The Clock



Rhy-thm =2
resis-tance =2
ra-cism =2
phy-si-cal =3
pro-cess-ion =3
re-solve-ment =3
hu-man-ity =3
know-ledge =2
in-ci-dent =3

What's Hiding Inside?

rhythm ,thy.

resistance ,resist ,sis, sister, tan, cat, sat, rat, eat, ate, is, at, can, teen, set.

racism ,cam, car, am, is, mis

fatigue ,fat, at, it, gut, tag, eat, ate, gue, fit, tie, gate, tug, get.

cemetery, met, meet, yet, meter,

onomatopoeia, mat, met, pet, pen, pant, not, top, eat, at, pat, note, ate.

innocence, in, on,

physical, is, hi, hy, clap, lap, pay.

procession, pro, cop, on, in, piss, process, no, pen,

resolvement, solve, met, net, rest,

humanity, human, man, it, at, am, an, ham, mat, hat, hay, num.

knowledge, know, ledge, edge, on, won, new, now.

incident, in, net, nit, ten.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Jennifer's- Integrity

Jennifer's Beach Poem

Its a very hot day,
I'm cooling off at Mission Bay,
I am so jealous of the sea,
I like to cool off at the beach,yo! that me!

I hate to get too tanned,
ewww yuck that food tastes bland,
feeling the breeze cooling me down,
My frown is the other way around,

Sunbathing under the shady tree,
People having fun that is what I like to see,
I can smell the fresh air of the beach,
The sand was slowly sinking onto my feet,

As the sun slowly rises down,
I calmly listen to the ocean sound,
The beach is the best,
because its the only place to relax and rest.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Jennifer's Inquiry Venn Diagram

My spelling Term 3 Week 2

This is my spelling this week. My spelling is all about syllabification and how you can pronounce it properly by using syllabification.

My Holiday

Holiday  Description

My holiday started with another day of school, practising for white Sunday, working hard to improve my natural talent.

I can hear the drums being tapped  with drum sticks, when the drumsticks have been tapped on the drums they make a great beat. My ears suddenly move to my dads electrifying guitar, playing the guitar to the drumming beat making a very cool rhythm. My cousin beat-boxing in sync making the rhythm come to life, my brother soothing in with his very amazing voice forming a very cool family band.

I can smell mum’s special Lasagne freshly been taken out of the ovens, My cousin running down the hill  with his sweating smelly  body odour destroying all the fresh air, coming from the workout at the gym, his natural talents was his good looks but he can’t beat my cuteness. My nose slowly drifted me into a cloud of heaven with mums home-made gravy and her home-made fried spicy chicken ( YUM!!! ) my favourite.

As the food slightly drifted on to the picnic blanket I laid outside my mum put down heavenly joy to my eyes. I can see mountain dew drink, Tartar potato salad with a bit of sour cream sauce beside it. My mouth dribbled when I laid eyes on the chicken next to me, after we had finish rehearsal my family can smell the beautiful scent of food and in a few second they immediately found their way threw the food. It was the most greatest lunch that I had all year.

I can taste the spiciness of the chicken tingling down my throat, the mussel chowder powering taking over all the other flavours in my mouth. I can taste the chicken kebab sizzling inside my mouth turning my face into a hot steaming sun.

I felt excitement exploding inside me as I saw desert coming. The coldness of the ice-cream gave me goosebumps, The rich flavours from the mud cake made my stomach rumble for more. Lying down the green grass, I felt pain lighting up in my stomach feeling so lazy not wanting to do anything that doesn't involve moving.  

I lay down closing my eyes

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Koro's Acrostic poem

Koro we will miss you because you are a special person in our school. 
You clean our school the tamaki style.
We are going to miss you with all our heart because you are our 
coolest koro in tamaki primary.
We love you with all our heart.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Jennifer's Emotions


What are two reasons why having feelings is important?It is important to have feeling because what you feel is what you express to others and the reactions you will have when you feeling very emotional.

How can knowing more about your feelings help you on your journey through the teenage years? It helps you on expressing your feeling in your learning and it also tells you what you think of all the subject and what do you really like or hate so the teacher can make it more fun for you to enjoy.

Jennifer's Emotions

These are the types of emotions that I feel.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Summer Poem

Summer is tan on the back bikini cries not wanting to get stared at.
The deep roar of the Ty coming in cooling my body with a gentle breeze.
Hot steaming sun torturing us with it firing powers making summer a river of sweat.
Summer is your melting ice-cream can melt anything that is icy cold.
Summer is winters worst enemy.
Don't mes with summer season.

Internal Poem

I threw a rock it gave me a shock.
I like to wear skirts even when they don’t match my shirt.
Sometimes I get really really sad but at least I’m not bad.
I was reading a book which I thought was a  good look.

I saw a really cute cat his fur goes well with my mat.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Emotion Poem About Death

Death is what I feel around me.
Death and bodies  lying in a coffin ready to get dug in soil.
Death of blood polluting the world and rotting nature.
Death is what I see in my Nan with cancer.

Death is the natural end to a person's beautiful life

Acrostic Poem About Chocolate

Chocolate is my favourite treat,
Having a delicate flavour to eat,
One mouth full is not enough for my appetite,
Creamy tasty with heavenly bites,
Opening my mouth to put a piece of chocolate in,
Leaving a funny great fuzzy grin,
Always sweet,
Taste divine,
Every time I eat.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Jennifer's Cyber-Smart scensiaor

Chocolate Poem

Shining so brightly melting my mouth with it glorious stun,
I thought I saw a very hot steaming sun,
Its brown beautiful and crunchy chocolate ready for me to bite into it,
My enthusiastic just bursts past my limit,
My eyes are stuck to its beautiful glow,
My taste buds was about to blow,
I am ready to bite into its crunch,
Then I accidentally bite into a branch,
I can’t wait to munch, munch, munch.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Jennifer's Hunger Game Discription

Jennifer’s Hunger Games Description

I start to shiver with horror, as I look around for weapons and safe place to stay. The cornucopia shining so brightly trying to drag me in to get some weapons and food, I try to stay strong.

I can hear the trees swaying to a rhythm and leaves being crushed to the ground by people’s steps. People throwing thin, straight, sharp sticks through the air like a knife slicing through a body, hearing people’s blood dripping to the ground forming a red puddle.

I can feel the death of people surrounding me telling me to join them. I can smell the fresh fruit and delicious rabbit calling me to come into the cornucopia and grab them, I felt weak and was unable to grab anything.

I walked around the woods to find a good tree to put my sleeping bag in. I had to believe I was going to survive, when I saw a beautiful tree with purple roses hanging on the branches. Around me, were the brown rotten bushes - dead, because of the fresh blood of those who had been killed.

Laying down I could hear a funny noise coming from my stomach, it was rumbling and grumbling - starving to death. Checking my bag if there was any food. I came across a rabbit that I left in my bag for a snack. Looking around seeing people suffer to stay alive, I was scared to die.

I snuggled up in my warm sleeping bag, I can see light coming from the trees near me. It was a fire that someone had lit up. It was so bright, like fireworks exploding through the air, magically forming a shape.  It was spreading around. I could feel a vibration coming, it was the hot steaming air from the fire.

I didn't want to watch any more. My eyes were burning from the steam spreading around.

Looking at the fire, it made me thirsty.  My lips were dry - full of air but no moisture. I closed my eyes and let myself imagine I was drinking a cold drink and let myself flow into a dream.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Symmetry pattern

 Today I had to create and describe a geometrical pattern. This is the shape I created using folding symmetry. 

I can see that my shape has 2 lines of symmetry.

To create my pattern, I folded my paper 1 time, cut out the designs and unfolded it again. This is a fun and easy geometry activity that really got us thinking!

Friday, 9 August 2013

The new costume that Cinna design

This costume is made for Katniss to wear during the opening ceremony of The Hunger Games.  He wanted her to wear something that other people would notice, so that they would remember her.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Jennifer's choice and consequence bubble map-Smart foot

This is our bubble map about smart foot  we are writing what will happen if we put a picture of me wearing a school uniform poking finger's and posting it on facebook.

Me and Hineuwera's Map of Panama

This is an image of the map that we created for a novel study hunger games.It is a map of 12 district that is happening in the hunger games.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

6 Hats Reading and Writing

Media studies

This is my media studies popplet for technology group.I hope I can achieve my goals of keeping the camera still.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Maths goal for term 3

My maths goal for term 3

Every term we have goals to improve and my goals are to identify shapes of 2D and 3D objects in geometry language. My second goal is to describe the patterns that we reflecting on, how it is rotated and translated. My third and last goal is describe/interpret position with direction/distance language and specify location using bearing or grid references.

My reading Goal For Term 3

Monday, 8 July 2013

Cyber Smart- Smart relation

Facts and Opinion-video

Fact and Opinion by jenniferfa on GoAnimate

Facts and Opinion-My neighborhood.

WALT understand the difference between fact and opinion.

Write two informative pieces about your neighborhood (Panmure, Glen Innes, Point England etc).  In the first box, use opinions to guide your writing.  In the second box, use facts.  The two should both ‘sound formal.’


*I think that panmure is the best place to hang out with your friends.

*In glen Innes they have the best doctors there that help families get well.

*Point england have the amazing people that likes to meet new friends and make others feel welcome.


*Did you know that panmure roundabout is New Zealand famous.

*Glen Innes has more shops than Panmure.

Facts and Opinion-sort out

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Facts and Opinion task

WALT identify what is fact and what is opinion.

Tell whether each sentence is a fact or opinion.  Write ‘fact’ or ‘opinion’ in a different colour next to each sentence.

Sunday is the best day of the week.Fact
Waitangi Day is celebrated in February.Fact
Christmas is celebrated in Summer.Facts
Some families eat lots of food at birthdays.opinion
Watching fireworks on the 5th of November is lots of fun.fact
April is a month with 30 days.fact
There are 12 months in the year.fact
This has been a terrible week.opinion
Spring is the most beautiful season of all.opinion
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are weekdays.fact
The first day of the school year is scary.opinion
Everyone should make Valentine's Day cards.opinion
Your birthday comes only one day a year.fact

Now write 3 of your own factual sentences:
Animal makes different types of noises.
Halloween comes once a year.
Teacher can be anybody but you have to teach them how to do something.

Now write 3 of your own opinion sentences:

I think that school is really fun and cool.
I like to dress up for parties.
I love to cook it is really enjoyable.