Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Maths goal for term 3

My maths goal for term 3

Every term we have goals to improve and my goals are to identify shapes of 2D and 3D objects in geometry language. My second goal is to describe the patterns that we reflecting on, how it is rotated and translated. My third and last goal is describe/interpret position with direction/distance language and specify location using bearing or grid references.

My reading Goal For Term 3

Monday, 8 July 2013

Cyber Smart- Smart relation

Facts and Opinion-video

Fact and Opinion by jenniferfa on GoAnimate

Facts and Opinion-My neighborhood.

WALT understand the difference between fact and opinion.

Write two informative pieces about your neighborhood (Panmure, Glen Innes, Point England etc).  In the first box, use opinions to guide your writing.  In the second box, use facts.  The two should both ‘sound formal.’


*I think that panmure is the best place to hang out with your friends.

*In glen Innes they have the best doctors there that help families get well.

*Point england have the amazing people that likes to meet new friends and make others feel welcome.


*Did you know that panmure roundabout is New Zealand famous.

*Glen Innes has more shops than Panmure.

Facts and Opinion-sort out

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Facts and Opinion task

WALT identify what is fact and what is opinion.

Tell whether each sentence is a fact or opinion.  Write ‘fact’ or ‘opinion’ in a different colour next to each sentence.

Sunday is the best day of the week.Fact
Waitangi Day is celebrated in February.Fact
Christmas is celebrated in Summer.Facts
Some families eat lots of food at birthdays.opinion
Watching fireworks on the 5th of November is lots of fun.fact
April is a month with 30 days.fact
There are 12 months in the year.fact
This has been a terrible week.opinion
Spring is the most beautiful season of all.opinion
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are weekdays.fact
The first day of the school year is scary.opinion
Everyone should make Valentine's Day cards.opinion
Your birthday comes only one day a year.fact

Now write 3 of your own factual sentences:
Animal makes different types of noises.
Halloween comes once a year.
Teacher can be anybody but you have to teach them how to do something.

Now write 3 of your own opinion sentences:

I think that school is really fun and cool.
I like to dress up for parties.
I love to cook it is really enjoyable.

Facts And Opinion

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Working With Fraction

  1. 1/4 of 20=5
  2. 1/3 of 30=10
  3. 1/5 of 25=5
  4. 1/6 of 48=8
  5. 1/4 of 48=12’
  6. 1/8 of 40=5
  7. 1/3 of 36=12
  8. 1/9 of 27=3
  9. 1/10 of 20=2
  10. 1/7 of 42=6
  11. 1/11 of 66=6
  12. 1/12 of 72=6

  1. Linda goes on a 36 km bike ride.
If she travelled 1/4 the distance so far how far has she gone?9

  1. David likes collecting model boats,cars,planes and trains.He has a total of 72 model in his collection.
  2. If 1/6 of the models are planes,How many planes does he have?12
  3. If 1/4 of the model are cars,how many cars does he have?18

17.On 1/7 of the days the temperature was below 10 c. How Many days was this?4

On 1/4 of the days the temperature was above 20 c.How many days was this?7

Spelling words

Facts And Opinion

facts:The violin is a string instrument.
Opinion:Jazz is the most beautiful type of music.

facts:Candy is sweet.
Opinion:Candy is delicious and sugary.

Facts:You can make paper out of it.
Opinion:It is a nice shady spot to sit under.

Facts:They swing on trees.
Opinion:They have the cutest ears.

Facts:It is healthy.
Opinion:It is tasty and yummy.

Facts:Australia has kangaroos.
Opinion:Australia is one of the biggest country I know.

Facts:Birds fly and they eat all the filth we leave on the ground.
Opinion:Bird have the cutest wings that could fly.

facts:Pizza crust is made out of dough.
Opinion:Pizza  is delicious and the most popular food to eat.

8. Piano:
Facts:Piano is the most peacefullest instrument you can hear.
Opinion:I like to make my own music with it.

Facts:It is yellow.
Opinion:It is healthy and smooth.

Facts:Rubbish is something you are finish with and it is waste.
Opinion:You can recycle it.
Facts:It is long lasting.
Opinion:You can chew it as long as you want and it has lots of yummy flavors.

Facts:You can make any dessert.
Opinion:It is crunchy and smooth.

Fact:You can learn and play with your friends.
Opinion:Is that we get to go on school trips and learn more about the things that we don’t know.

Facts: You improved something that you are good at.

opinion:You can go further with it.