Thursday, 12 September 2013

Summer Poem

Summer is tan on the back bikini cries not wanting to get stared at.
The deep roar of the Ty coming in cooling my body with a gentle breeze.
Hot steaming sun torturing us with it firing powers making summer a river of sweat.
Summer is your melting ice-cream can melt anything that is icy cold.
Summer is winters worst enemy.
Don't mes with summer season.

Internal Poem

I threw a rock it gave me a shock.
I like to wear skirts even when they don’t match my shirt.
Sometimes I get really really sad but at least I’m not bad.
I was reading a book which I thought was a  good look.

I saw a really cute cat his fur goes well with my mat.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Emotion Poem About Death

Death is what I feel around me.
Death and bodies  lying in a coffin ready to get dug in soil.
Death of blood polluting the world and rotting nature.
Death is what I see in my Nan with cancer.

Death is the natural end to a person's beautiful life

Acrostic Poem About Chocolate

Chocolate is my favourite treat,
Having a delicate flavour to eat,
One mouth full is not enough for my appetite,
Creamy tasty with heavenly bites,
Opening my mouth to put a piece of chocolate in,
Leaving a funny great fuzzy grin,
Always sweet,
Taste divine,
Every time I eat.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Jennifer's Cyber-Smart scensiaor

Chocolate Poem

Shining so brightly melting my mouth with it glorious stun,
I thought I saw a very hot steaming sun,
Its brown beautiful and crunchy chocolate ready for me to bite into it,
My enthusiastic just bursts past my limit,
My eyes are stuck to its beautiful glow,
My taste buds was about to blow,
I am ready to bite into its crunch,
Then I accidentally bite into a branch,
I can’t wait to munch, munch, munch.